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28 minMAR 15
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TV Access, Financial Support, and Finale History – Paper Scraps Monthly (PT211)


Alex and Nick answer your TV writing questions about the usefulness of being an assistant, limited access for lower-level writers, and supporting yourself financially. Plus, we discuss the latest TV writing news, including the Paramount+ presentation and a series finale's oral history. Content Review shout-out (00:32) TV Writing Questions: Usefulness of being an assistant, supporting yourself financially, and limited access for lower-levels (01:18) TV Writing News: Paramount+ presentation, revivals, and the oral history of Lost's series finale (22:25) Links Dunbar's number James Hamilton's Twitter thread on supporting yourself financially Michelle Denise Jackson's Twitter thread on diminishing lower-level access TV Writing Incubators and the Evolution of Access (PT125) Less TV, Less Opportunity (PT186) WGAw's 2020 Inclusion Report (PDF) "ViacomCBS Bets on Big-Tent Strategy for Streaming Growth With Paramount Plus" - Variety "Avatar: The Last Airbender To Expand With Launch Of Avatar Studios" - Deadline "The Oral History of Lost's Series finale" - Vulture If you enjoy Paper Team, please consider supporting us on Patreon at paperteam.co/patreon! :) You can find Paper Team on Twitter: Alex - @TVCalling Nick - @_njwatson For any questions, comments or feedback, you can e-mail us: ask@paperteam.co