Yesterday's Chip Paper
30min2018 OCT 26
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With ghosts solving their own murders, ghosts murdering innocent victims, and other stories that involve neither ghosts nor murder, things are getting SPOOKY for this mini episode. Such as the lady haunted by a… penny? Join your hosts, Jim and Violet, as they prove that truth is truly stranger than fiction just in time for the haunting season. So buckle up, it’s time for a journey through the truly strange, bizarre and macabre this Halloween.

Yesterday's Chip Paper is a fortnightly(ish) podcast that looks at true stories found in historic newspapers from across the world. With hundreds of years of history at their fingertips, the only real limit to the stories that are told is that they have to have happened - or, at least, been reported. Whether it's true crime, mass hysteria or unusual reporting of famous events, it's always guaranteed to be downright bonkers.

Archives used in this episode:

British Newspaper Archive

Trove (National Library of Australia)


Intro/outro: Ghost Surf Rock by Loyalty Freak Music - thanks to the Free Music Archive

Other music (in order of appearance)

Lurking Fear - thanks to

Night Terrors - thanks to

Ominous Pursuit by Eric Matyas - find him here