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Your Career

Your Career

Get Ahead of the Game, a course by Bryan Cranston.

 12 min 12 min
2 Episodes2 Episodes
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Career success is an admixture of talent, hard work, and luck. There are no guarantees, but if all goes well your trajectory might look like this: a number of early-career years spent plugging away, networking, taking smaller, less ideal opportunities. Mid-career, the hard work pays off and you find yourself in-demand, and the foundational energy comes back at you in the form of more opportunities than you can handle. What do you do then?

You Will Learn

How to Design your career trajectory

How to succeed in career as a millennial

Course Outline

EP 1: Find Career Success

Career success, as you’ve no doubt heard many times, is an admixture of talent, hard work, and luck. What do you do to plan your best trajectory?

EP 2: Command Your Career

Millennials, Bryan Cranston wants you to know that he’s got confidence in you. You’ve got this. Why will you succeed as a millennial?

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  • Bryan Cranston
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  • 2 Episodes · 2 Resources
    2 Episodes
    • Find Career Success5 min
    • Command Your Career7 min
    2 Resources
    • Find Career Success Worksheet
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    Courses vary in length from 1 to 8 hours. Each course consists of lessons around 5 minutes each.

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