What Do You Really Want?

From the ‘Financial Diet’

Chelsea Fagan

Chelsea Fagan

Founder of ‘The Financial Diet’

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Long gone are the days of getting a specific degree that leads directly to a corporate job, where you remain until retirement. Chelsea Fagan, founder of personal finance media brand The Financial Diet, is here to help you figure out what you actually want from your careers, and start prioritizing your values in your career trajectories. 

What You'll Learn

  • How to decide what kind of career is right for you 

  • Strategies for being fearless in the pursuit of your dreams 

  • The tools you need to be a successful freelancer, and how to quit your day job 


6 Episodes



1. The Myth Of The “Real Job”


Find out how we can accept all life choices as equally valid when we stop valorizing “impressive” careers.

2. Let Go Of These Fears When Following Your Career Dreams


Stop being held back by the notion that there is only one right way to make a living — for you or anyone else.

3. The Freelancer’s Toolkit


Learn how to start successfully freelancing, from reputation management and finding new clients, to bookkeeping and administrative tasks.

4. The Case For Working To Live


Let go of the myth that “dream jobs” exist — having a job that’s just a job is a completely valid life choice.

5. Everything You Need To Do Before You Quit Your Day Job


Follow this step-by-step guide to getting your finances in order before you “take the plunge” into a major career change.

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