Redefine Success

A course by Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington

Co-founder, The Huffington Post and Author, "Thrive"

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In this introduction to her Masterclass series on work-life balance, Huffington argues in favor of an equally important success metric covering often-neglected yet essential areas of well being.

What You'll Learn

  • How to slow down and be fully present in the moment

  • How to promote deep sleep patterns 

  • How to give to improve happiness and health

  • How to improve your well-being with easy steps

  • How to create balance over the course of one’s life

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5 Episodes

1. Wonder


There is so much innate wonder around us to which the perils of work and stress make us blind. In this lesson, Arianna Huffington argues that re-opening our eyes is essential to enjoying our lives.

2. Wisdom


Wisdom is different from simply having a high IQ. In this lesson, Arianna Huffington argues that we must audit our lives and extract from our experiences the lessons that will guide us forward.

3. Giving


Arianna Huffington believes that we should celebrate go-givers as much as go-getters. In this lesson, she argues that we should all strive to include more giving in our lives. After all, research has shown that giving is good for your health.

4. Well-being


Well-being means more than just enjoying life. In this lesson, Arianna Huffington argues that we should engage in activities that instill peace and poignancy while also offering a recharge.

5. Redefining Success


Arianna Huffington sees all around us a society in which success is equated with exhaustion. Successful people are supposed to devote themselves completely to their professions. They pull all-nighters. They sacrifice their families and happiness. They plug themselves in, but never unplug themselves. And by acting this way, they sometimes achieve wealth and power. But does that really make them successful? Was Huffington truly successful when, a couple years after launching The Huffington Post, s...

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