Finances in the Time of COVID

From 'The Financial Diet'

Chelsea Fagan

Chelsea Fagan

Founder of 'The Financial Diet'

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Chelsea Fagan, creator of The Financial Diet, shares her insights into living economically during times of crisis. Learn how to prepare for future emergencies, utilize the resources available to you, and stay afloat during challenging financial dry spells.

What You'll Learn

  • Ways to financially prepare yourself for unexpected challenges
  • How to soften the blow when cash abruptly stops flowing
  • Forward-thinking budgeting skills for unstable economic times 


6 Episodes



1. How to Make a Bare-Bones Budget


Develop a budgeting contingency plan for unexpected financial crises, like losing your income overnight.

2. Will Your Emergency Fund Cut It?


Find out just how many months of expenses you should save for in advance, and prep yourself for unexpected losses.

3. When Your Emergency Fund Isn’t Enough


Consider resources beyond your savings, and ways to keep your head above water once you’ve spent your stashed cash.

4. How to Increase Your Income Outside Your 9-to-5


Leverage today’s “gig economy” to increase your outside-of-work earnings and help make ends meet during a challenging year.

5. What If You Can’t Pay Bills?


Discover ways to stay on top of your finances and continue moving forward when push has truly come to shove.

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