Think Like a Lawyer

A Superpower Anyone Can Learn

Dara Tarkowski

Dara Tarkowski

Lawyer & Entrepreneur

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Thinking like a lawyer is a superpower that anyone can learn. It’s about using a specific frame of mind to approach your problems. In this course, lawyer Dara Tarkowski will teach you how to navigate this legal world we all live in, so that you are better prepared to make the most common, important, and stressful life events go the way you want.

What You'll Learn

  • An overview of the legal world we live in, from common law to contracts
  • How to successfully navigate important life events, like getting married, switching jobs, and having kids
  • Avoid the legal pitfalls of buying a home, and estate planning


16 Episodes



1. Introduction — How to Think Like a Lawyer


Why would anyone want to think like a lawyer? We’ll explore the different ways lawyers think, and learn about the problems and key characteristics of how legal minds work.

2. Civil vs. Common Law — What’s Your Framework?


Why would anyone want to think like a lawyer? We’ll explore the different ways lawyers think, and learn about the problems and key characteristics of how legal minds work.

3. Know Your Audience — Who Are You Trying to Convince?


In order to achieve whatever goal you’re after, it’s critical to know your audience. Get an overview of the art of persuasion, why people are so resistant to having their minds changed, and why knowing your audience and what motivates them will help you achieve your goals, no matter what those goals may be.

4. Civil vs. Criminal — What’s at Stake?


Understand the distinctions between our civil and criminal justice systems, as well as where the overlaps are.

5. Rules and Rulemakers — Rules and Statutes, Regulators and Legislators


What’s the difference between a statute and a regulation? Dive into the differences between statutes and regulations. Learn about the people and the institutions behind these concepts, as well as what it has to do with you, and what you can do about it.

6. Contracts — What, When and Why


From buying a house to joining a gym to downloading an app, contracts run our lives. Why is America obsessed with them? Learn about the “freedom of contract,” and the various roles contracts play in your day to day life.

7. Reading the News Like A Lawyer — Understand the Processes and Procedures


The news often gives us a glimpse into the world of law and our judiciary. But how often do you really understand the processes, procedures and concepts you hear about? Explore key examples from the 2020 election.

8. Law Enforcement — Everything You Need to Know In An Encounter


The role of law enforcement in society has become a polarizing topic, and there are important things you need to know when encountering law enforcement. Understand your legal rights, and come to know the difference between a “consensual encounter” and an “investigative stop.”

9. Switching Jobs — Non-competes, Confidentiality, and Trade Secrets


Are you ready to get a new job? Are you sure you are on legally solid footing to do that? Enter the exciting world of non-compete agreements, confidentiality, and trade secrets, as well as the agreements you need to manage while starting a new job or leaving an old one.

10. Planning Your Marriage — From Prenups to Name Changes


Nothing says love and commitment like licenses and life insurance, right? Find out what you need to know before walking down the aisle—from prenups to name changes, and all the legal stuff in between.

11. Starting a Family — The Legal Issues of Babies


Starting a family can be stressful. From infertility to adoption, examine the important legal issues you should consider as you plan your family.

12. Buying a Home — Agents, Brokers & Bankers, Oh My!


Real estate transactions have many moving parts, and each of them involves contracts. There is no better time to think like a lawyer than when you’re dealing with agents, brokers, bankers, appraisers, title companies, and other lawyers. Master these transactions.

13. Estate Planning and Losing a Loved One — Planning for the Worst


Planning for the tragic moments in your life is unpleasant and difficult. From estate planning, living wills, healthcare powers of attorney, and what to do when you lose a loved one, learn what concrete steps you can take for yourself and your loved ones to make life’s most painful moments a bit easier.

14. Social Media Pitfalls — How to Be Smart on the Internet


There are so many ways people get themselves into trouble online. Whether you’re dealing with social media copyright infringement, freedom of speech issues, or revenge porn, you have to be smart on the internet. Stay out of trouble.

15. Starting a Side Hustle — How to Be Your Own First Lawyer


70 million Americans have started a side hustle. Want to join them? Find out what you need to know when starting any kind of business, and how to make sure your side hustle doesn’t become your only hustle.

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