Anti-Racism at Work

Your guide to change

Ben O'Keefe

Ben O'Keefe

Impact Executive

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The fight for racial equality in the United States isn’t new and in this course, activist Ben O’Keefe explores the power you have to drive lasting human rights improvements and combat deeply-ingrained racism in the workplace. Go beyond the buzzwords of diversity and inclusion and leave with tools to build a workplace that gives all employees the opportunity to thrive.

What You'll Learn

  • How to combat discrimination in the workplace
  • What it means to be truly anti-racist
  • Ways to lay the groundwork for an anti-racist company 


11 Episodes



1. What’s an “Anti-Racist Workplace” Anyways?


Get an overview of key phrases and definitions as we set up the framework for discussing discrimination in places of employment.

2. The BIPOC Workplace Experience


View daily life as an employee through the eyes of BIPOC colleagues, and tap into the empathy needed to truly broach this controversial subject.

3. The One Thing This Course Can’t Teach You


Explore the impact of biases on expressions of racism, and learn to fight against your own preconceived notions.

4. Is Your Company Actually Anti-Racist, or Just Talking About It?


Discover how to reform company culture beyond the surface, and why “inclusion” and “diversity” should be more than just buzzwords.

5. Hiring in the US is Really Racist: Here’s How We Fix It


Learn to identify discriminatory hiring practices, and hear about policies and procedures meant to weed them out.

6. Don’t Just Hire People of Color—Let Us Lead


Consider the lack of BIPOC representation in high-level leadership positions, and ways you can increase diversity from the top down.

7. Becoming an Anti-Racist Manager


Find out how to be a better, more fair, and equitable workplace supervisor as the country faces a long-awaited social reckoning.

8. Building An Anti-Racist Workplace Culture


Ensure your company’s daily environment meets the inclusivity and equity goals you’ve set out to achieve.

9. Supporting Your Employees of Color


Hone your anti-racism skills, and dive even further into how you can best meet the needs of your BIPOC employees.

10. It Takes More Than an Audio Course: Where to Go From Here


Start laying the groundwork now to incorporate anti-racism into the future of your organization.

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