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Celebrating baby boomers fifty and better who are on the move and transforming the spirit and style of aging! Give me just fifteen minutes of your time and I’ll give you interviews with authors, actors, and experts who will inspire you to make significant and positive change in your own life.
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300 Episodes

The feisty side of fifty is just the time to focus on making improvements to your health and wellbeing. Each of us wants to remain strong and healthy for as long as possible. That’s where Dr. Ashani Weeraratna, author ofIs Cancer Inevitable? can really help. Join this highly regarded physician as she shares the latest information on cancer research and treatment. If you care about aging well and spending many more happy years with your children and grandchildren, you won’t want to miss this one!

Have you decided to start eating healthier as you age? Would you like to learn to prepare easy, nutritious and decidedly delicious meals? Do you want to nourish your body and satisfy your palate at the same time? If so, you’ll want to be sure to catch this show. Our guest, Laura Theodore, is the award-winning host of the popular PBS series the Jazzy Vegetarian. She’s also the author of numerous much-loved cookbooks including: Jazzy Vegetarian, Jazzy Vegetarian Classics and Laura Theodore's Vegan-Ease. We’re thrilled to have Laura join us as she’ll be telling us all about her latest culinary masterpiece. It’s called Easy Vegan Home Cooking and, for certain, you’ll want to add this one to your own kitchen collection. So make sure you tune in for this one… Laura will be sharing some of her favorite tips for creating easy, tasty meals that are both nutritious and delicious!

In many ways, aging can truly bring on our “Golden Years.” Yet, sadly, the number of scams and various other fraudulent means of targeting us seniors are on the rise. And many of these crimes are actually perpetrated by those in our own peer group. Yes, there are a whopping 14 million people over the age of 50 in our country who have antisocial, narcissistic, borderline or histrionic personality disorders. In other words, they are senior sociopaths. Our guest, Donna Andersen, knows first hand what living with a senior sociopath is like. In fact, she married one! But, rather then retreating into self-pity and bitterness, Donna has turned her own misfortune around by sharing her story so that others can learn from her experience. She’s the author of eight books on the topic including Love Fraud, Red Flags of Love Fraud—10 Signs You’re Dating a Sociopath and now her latest book, Senior Sociopath: How to Recognize and Escape Lifelong Abusers. If you or someone you care about has be...

Our guest, Stephanie Pearson, writes about travel, culture, the environment and the people who inhabit the amazing places she visits. Her work has appeared in theNew York Times Magazine; National Geographic Traveler;Bicycling; Wired; CNN; O, and The Oprah Magazine, among other highly respected national publications.In her career, Stephanie has no doubt been lucky enough to witness many incredible and awe-inspiring sights. But none are more impressive than those to be found in the book she shares with us today. The book is called100 Great American Parks. And this beautiful work of art contains a treasure trove of fascinating information as well as the most stunning photos you will ever encounter. I know each of you is going to want to have this one on your coffee table so that you can come back to it time after time. So take 10 minutes, listen to what Stephanie has to say. Our country has undergone some very challenging times of late and this amazing book is a reminder of all the bea...

If you’re looking for a great read to share with your middle-grade grandchildren look no further! Our guest, Mike Johnston, is an architect turned author who loved reading science fiction and fantasy books as a child. Although he studied architecture and ancient history in college, he never forgot his early interests, which also included playing multiple rounds of Dungeons and Dragons. So, after practicing architecture in New York City and later Los Angeles, he gave in to his early passions and began his now fulltime career as an author. Mike joins us today to share all about the second book in his Confessions of a Dork Lordseries. This one is called Grave Danger and it features a rather underwhelming antihero who will win the hearts of any middle-school reader. So tune in and get ready for a romp of a read to share with your middle-grade grandchildren!

If you’re a grandparent, no doubt you know there’s no greater joy than sharing a lively, information-packed adventure book with your grandchildren. And that brings us to our guest, Kelly Hargrave. Kelly has written a variety of nonfiction and novelty children’s books for top publishers that inspire kids to think genuinely and creatively about their own world. She joins us today to share all about her latest book called Can’t Get Enough Shark Stuff. It’s published by National Geographic Kids so you know the book is colorful, fun and filled with fascinating facts your grandchildren will love. So gather your grandchildren and be sure to tune in for this one… it promises to be both entertaining and informative!

Every boomer out there remembers the famous British invasion of the 1960s and how it nearly destroyed the career of Elvis Presley. That is until Steve Binder, TV producer and director, was able to convince “the king” to make a comeback TV performance in 1968. This project, however, was fraught with backstage drama because Elvis distrusted the medium and was actually terrified to appear on the small screen. Yet, thanks to Steve’s deft abilities in handling the singer’s case of nerves as well as a raft of other issues, we were gifted with a performance that each of us treasures to this day. In fact, TV Guidesubsequentlycalled the special “the second greatest musical moment in television history next to the Beatles' debut on theEd Sullivan Show.” Even more, Steve has written a book about his remarkable experience with the king. It’s called Elvis ’68 Comeback: The Story Behind the Special and it’s just been released this week. I’m sure that each of you will want a copy of this...

If you’re looking for a great read to share with your middle-grade grandchildren look no further! Our guest, Riley Redgate, is an award-winning author who published her first novel while she was still in college. Her latest book has been described as an enthralling update ofLord of the Fliesset in space. It’s one heckuva compelling read for both young adults as well as those of us on the Feisty Side of Fifty. That, of course, makes it a real treat to share with our grandchildren. Riley’s book is called Alone Out Here and she joins us to share all about it.

David Liittschwager has shot more than a dozen assignments for National Geographic. He has, moreover, spent 12 years photographing octopuses, seahorses and jellyfish in more than 28 locations around the world. David joins us to share all about his beautiful new book that’s both an incredible feast for the eyes and a treasure trove of information about these strange and wonderful creatures who live in our seas. It’s called OCTOPUS SEAHORSE JELLYFISH and is one of the most visually stunning books I’ve ever seen. So, if you care about our planet and the creatures who live in the seas, please plan to listen. You will be both informed and moved by what David has to share.

In many ways, aging can truly bring on our “Golden Years.” Yet, sadly, the number of scams and various other fraudulent means of targeting us seniors are on the rise. And older adults, who have experienced loneliness and isolation during the pandemic, are more susceptible than ever.That is why you will want to be sure to listen to what our guest has to share. Tamar Cooper, Director of Health Services at Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging,joins us to share all about a new therapy group for adults 55 and older who have experienced these types of romantic scams. If you or someone you care about has been impacted by online fraud—especially romantic scams--please take a few minutes to tune in. You will hear Tamar Cooper discuss the issues involved and ways you can successfully deal with these and heal from the emotional trauma you may have experienced.

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