Feisty Side of Fifty
11min2022 MAY 11
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Our guest, Stephanie Pearson, writes about travel, culture, the environment and the people who inhabit the amazing places she visits. Her work has appeared in theNew York Times Magazine; National Geographic Traveler;Bicycling; Wired; CNN; O, and The Oprah Magazine, among other highly respected national publications.In her career, Stephanie has no doubt been lucky enough to witness many incredible and awe-inspiring sights. But none are more impressive than those to be found in the book she shares with us today. The book is called100 Great American Parks. And this beautiful work of art contains a treasure trove of fascinating information as well as the most stunning photos you will ever encounter. I know each of you is going to want to have this one on your coffee table so that you can come back to it time after time. So take 10 minutes, listen to what Stephanie has to say. Our country has undergone some very challenging times of late and this amazing book is a reminder of all the bea...

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