Feisty Side of Fifty
15min2022 APR 29
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Every boomer out there remembers the famous British invasion of the 1960s and how it nearly destroyed the career of Elvis Presley. That is until Steve Binder, TV producer and director, was able to convince “the king” to make a comeback TV performance in 1968. This project, however, was fraught with backstage drama because Elvis distrusted the medium and was actually terrified to appear on the small screen. Yet, thanks to Steve’s deft abilities in handling the singer’s case of nerves as well as a raft of other issues, we were gifted with a performance that each of us treasures to this day. In fact, TV Guidesubsequentlycalled the special “the second greatest musical moment in television history next to the Beatles' debut on theEd Sullivan Show.” Even more, Steve has written a book about his remarkable experience with the king. It’s called Elvis ’68 Comeback: The Story Behind the Special and it’s just been released this week. I’m sure that each of you will want a copy of this...

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