Getting Good Sleep

A guide for the restless

Henry Nicholls

Henry Nicholls

Journalist and sleep expert

Getting Good Sleep
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A good night’s sleep is getting harder to come by. But decades of research have shown that improving your sleep is probably the single most important and effective thing you can do to become healthier. In this course, Henry Nicholls – author of Sleepyhead: The Neuroscience Of A Good Night's Rest – explains why sleep is so important, how much is ideal, and how to overcome common obstacles to getting a good rest.

What You'll Learn

  • The physical and mental benefits of good sleep
  • The science of how sleep works
  • Research-backed techniques for improving your sleep


8 Episodes

1. Who Needs Sleep?


Everybody needs sleep. Yes, even you.

2. What Is Sleep?


Sleep is a bit of a mystery, but we know it has more than one purpose.

3. How Do We Sleep?


Sleep happens in phases.

4. How Much Sleep Do I Need?


Definitely more than 6 hours. Probably less than 9 hours.

5. How Does Light Affect Sleep?


Light makes a huge difference to our sleep schedule and quality.

6. Am I Breathing Well?


Good breathing is crucial to good sleep.

7. How Can I Break My Insomnia?


Techniques for the sleep deprived.

8. What Else Could Be the Problem?


Don’t be afraid to get help.

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