The Keys to Healthier Living

Lessons for improving the health of your everyday life

Beth Frates

Beth Frates

Harvard Medical School faculty, pioneer in lifestyle medicine

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Harvard Medical School faculty Beth Frates, MD, is a pioneer in lifestyle medicine, which focuses on adopting and sustaining healthy habits. In this course, Dr. Frates teaches you about the six keys to healthier living, including sleep resiliency, movement, nutrition, sleep, social connections, and growth mindset. The curriculum will use the COACH ApproachTM to guide you in reaching your optimum health and wellness.

What You'll Learn

  • How to apply health improvement lessons to your life everyday 

  • How to look after yourself and others as a busy professional 

  • How to recognize the elements of good health as well as health risks 

  • How you can cultivate each key into your life and work 


8 Episodes



1. Introduction


In her freshman year of college, everything changed for Beth Frates. Beth tells you the remarkable story of one day and one patient that changed everything. It is the reason she made a complete career swap into the lifestyle medicine field and why she contributes to it every day. You’ll learn about the overall plan for the course and what she hopes you get out of it.

2. Stress Resiliency


Today’s world has created a great deal of stress for all of us. Working on looking at stress as a way to learn, grow, and reach higher ground is a novel concept for many. If we use stress to our advantage, we can find flow and increase our day-to-day moments of joy.

3. The Power of Movement


Moving our bodies is not only healthy, but fun and even relaxing. Did you know that stretching itself releases endorphins or feel good hormones? Here’s an invitation to stand and stretch, and explore the many benefits of exercise--some that are common knowledge and some that are undiscovered gems.

4. Nutrition


We can control some things in our lives. What we say, what we do, and also, what we eat. If you're looking to have glowing skin, abundant energy, clean arteries, healthy digestion, and lower levels of inflammation, in general, then what you eat is incredibly important.

5. Sleep


For creativity, productivity, enhanced mood, and energy, you need to sleep 7-8 hours a night, unless you are in the very small percentage of people who can sleep five hours and be healthy. Sleep also has a profound impact on the other key elements of lifestyle medicine.

6. Social Connections


High-quality connections are critical for both our happiness and health. Love and a sense of belonging are our basic human needs. Many of us take this for granted and in stressful times, we've had more difficulty cultivating these connections. But we must.

7. Growth Mindset


Our words make worlds. What we say to ourselves creates the canvas on which we paint the day and night. Our self-talk does not speak to us. It often yells at us. We must learn to speak to ourselves with an empowering voice, and create smart goals so you can continue on this health journey.

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