Real World Anger Management

How to Find Peace Every Day

Christian Conte

Christian Conte

Creator of the Yield Theory System

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Whether we are dealing with our own anger or other people’s, learning to handle it well is an essential skill. Just like everything else, it takes the right kind of practice. By interweaving his creative storytelling with his immense clinical experience, Dr. Christian Conte will show you how.

What You'll Learn

  • What your personal anger triggers are

  • How to deal with the “Angry Ego,” and improve your self-talk 

  • Techniques for handling other people when they are angry


9 Episodes



1. Cartoon World vs the Real World


The difference between the world the way-you-want-it-to-be versus the way it actually is. Learning to align your expectations with reality prepares you to respond to obstacles without anger.

2. The Angry Ego


Why anger management is actually "ego management." Learn how your ego causes you to get angry with people who contradict what it tells you.

3. Self-Talk: How Your Words Hurt You


What we say to ourselves has an enormous impact on how we feel. You can learn to use accurate, balanced language to talk yourself through any challenging situation.

4. Anger Management Techniques


Learn how to implement some of the most creative, hands-on, pragmatic anger management techniques possible.

5. Getting Angry Without Knowing Why


Find out why we sometimes get angry without any logical reason, and learn the truth behind what contributes to "unfounded" anger.

6. Handling Others Anger


Yield Theory is a tremendously practical approach to effective communication, regardless of the emotional state other people are experiencing.

7. Mastering What you Practice


Anything you practice, you master, including unrest, discontent, anger, or peace. Learn how to consciously choose to practice healthier alternatives to negative emotional reactions.

8. Meditation


Modern neuroscience has empirically demonstrated that meditation makes physiological improvements to your brain. Learn how meditation is like "push-ups for your brain,” and the hands-on techniques you can start using today.

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