Live Your Life without Regret

Finding optimism in daily life

Case Kenny

Case Kenny

Mindfulness expert & podcast host

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Join mindfulness coach and New Mindset, Who Dis? podcast host Case Kenny on a journey toward regret-free living. Learn how to take action to minimize regret and adopt an optimistic mindset through relatable insights in this fluff-free course that will propel you forward, solidify your self-confidence, and help you embrace a YOLO (“you only live once”) attitude.

What You'll Learn

  • How to develop an optimistic mindset and let go of regret 
  • Ways to be more forgiving of yourself for past mistakes 
  • Practical methods for reframing regrets as lessons learned  


8 Episodes



1. What Is Regret?


Learn to understand, embrace, and reframe your life regrets.

2. Past Regrets, Present Wisdom


Wipe the slate clean, and get on the path to growth and self-discovery.

3. Appreciate Everything, Regret Nothing


Redefine your self-conception to focus on future success rather than past failure.

4. The Power of “Why”


Set intentions behind your thoughts and actions to minimize regret.

5. The No-Regrets Mindset


Reframe mistakes as lessons learned, and begin to move through life shamelessly.

6. Find Your Step One


Learn practical ways to actively live out this new regret-free mindset.

7. Open Eyes, Eager Heart


Push yourself outside your comfort zone, and learn to forgive your own mistakes.

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