Understanding Narcissism

Moving forward from narcissistic abuse

Julie Hall

Julie Hall

Founder of the award-winning blog, "The Narcissist Family Files"

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Narcissists can have a tremendous impact on our wellbeing and ability to imagine a meaningful future for ourselves. Julie Hall, coach and author of “The Narcissist in Your Life: Recognizing the Patterns and Learning to Break Free,” has first hand experience healing from narcissistic abuse and helping others work on recovering from these traumatic relationships. This ninelesson course will outline some of the underlying causes and traits among most people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, how narcissistic abuse affects families, and how to move forward from trauma.

What You'll Learn

  • The underlying causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and how to identify it 
  • The long-term effects of narcissistic abuse on children and families 
  • How to move forward from the trauma of narcissistic families and relationships  


9 Episodes

1. What Humans Need


All humans have four basic needs that must be met in childhood.

2. The Narcissistic Defense


Narcissistic Personality Disorder comes from attachment trauma, and is a response to unmet developmental needs.

3. Types of Narcissists


Learn more about the three main narcissistic personality types.

4. The Narcissistic Family


Each person in a narcissistic family has a role to play, and sometimes those roles can switch on a dime.

5. The Narcissist’s Partner


Narcissism and codependency go hand and hand, and are rooted in the same kinds of trauma.

6. Complex Trauma


Understand the emotional and physical effects of narcissistic abuse.

7. Recovery - Part 1


Take the first steps in finding stability as you move toward healing after surviving narcissistic abuse.

8. Recovery - Part 2


Learn how to move through the states of grief, and reconnect with yourself.

9. Moving Forward


Healing is transformative, and post-traumatic growth can improve your whole life.

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