Top Mental Health Tools

Actionable tips for self-care

Dr. Robert Duff

Dr. Robert Duff

Best selling author & psychologist

Top Mental Health Tools
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Most people don’t realize that happiness is the product of effective mental habits and practices. In this 7-part course, licensed clinical psychologist and best-selling author of the Hardcore Self Help series, Dr. Robert Duff outlines the simplest, most effective tools to help you achieve and maintain better mental health.

What You'll Learn
• How to avoid common thinking traps, and get out of your own way
• What makes mindfulness so powerful, and how to get better at it
• Ways to properly manage information overload 


7 Episodes

1. Common Thinking Traps


Get an overview of some of the most common thinking traps, and hear Dr. Duff’s best advice on how to avoid them.

2. Mindfulness Is a Force Multiplier


Explore what mindfulness really is, and how to use it to improve all aspects of your life.

3. Journaling Is Self-Therapy


Discover the power and purpose of journaling, and learn simple and actionable ways to incorporate it into your life.

4. Better Sleep Is Vital


Hear why Dr. Duff considers sleep to be a human superpower. Plus, find out how to get more—and better— sleep.

5. Manage the Flow of Info


Transform the ubiquity of information from a liability to an advantage, and protect yourself from the chaos of living in the age of information.

6. Mastery of the Body Is Mastery Over the Mind


Learn about the connection between body and mind, and practice a useful breathing exercise.

7. What Now?


Look ahead and devise a clear plan to put your new mental health tools to good use.

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