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42min2022 JUL 19
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Austin and Lily revisit their 2022 eComm wins and learnings and opportunities and share what should remain in focus and what should be top of mind for the second half of the year. 2022 has been been a wild ride thus far for everyone, and BGE is no exception. Austin welcomed his first child, BGE has restructured and added a new program, and there are a ton of moving parts in DTC, the economy, and the world already this year. Austin & Lily revisit their February predictions and share their updated opportunities & challenges for the remainder of 2022. What You’ll Learn From This Episode: The 100 x 30 challenge The current Ecomm environment - Austin’s take TikTok and leveraging influencer audiences The current economy and risk of recession SMS is still a big opportunity What is the 7-Figure Founder program? Crypto and the loss of wealth so far in 2022 Preparing for lead times Has DTC failed overall? BGE Intensive coming up in Q4 Books Austin has enjoyed recently Lily’s summer reads Resources: 7-Figure Founder (Get Austin Brawner's help & scale to 7 figures) @BrandGrowthX on Twitter Review or subscribe on iTunes

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