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1h 9min2022 JUN 12
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IN THIS WEEK'S EXCITING INSTALLMENT: we blow your mind with the latest update to "Instruments of Destruction," and then blow you up with our full review of the new sidescrolling shooter, "Drainus." AND MOAR! PLEASE: Help the people of Ukraine as they struggle to flee or endure this insane war of unprovoked Russian genocide. This week, we'll let you do the legwork by coming over's list of recommended, BBB accredited orgs working to provide relief in Ukraine. Please give what you can. ---Games Mentioned In This Week's Episode:--- Drainus ($14.99) Slava Ukraini! (Free) The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle ($39.99) Instruments of Destruction ($19.99) -------- -BE SURE TO CHECK OUT our twitch livestream at: -JOIN OUR DISCORD EXPERIMENT at: --POST YOUR GAME REPORTS TO PROTONDB.COM!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------- BUY A CUSTOM LUNCHSTICK FIGHT STICK (essential post apocolyptic survival equipment):

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