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42min2022 JUL 11
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This week, we break format to talk about 3 new games that we are not playing and why (along with an alternative to one particularly offensive rehashed offering), along with what we actually are playing. Short show, filled with goodness! Video of the week: PLEASE: Help the people of Ukraine as they struggle to flee or endure an insane war of unprovoked Russian aggression as a proxy on behalf of the entire free world. They need our help, and we owe them a debt that can never be repayed. So please donate what you can to the link below or to the Ukrain-focused charitable org of your choice. Slava Ukraini! ---Games Mentioned In This Week's Episode:--- Neon White ($24.99) Tiny Tina's Wonderlands ($59.99) Capcom Fighting Collection ($39.99) PCSXR check your distro's package management system 20 Minutes Till Dawn ($2.99) Project Lazarus ($2.99) -------- -BE SURE TO CHECK OUT our twitch livestream at: -JOIN OUR DISCORD EXPERIMENT at: --POST YOUR GAME REPORTS TO PROTONDB.COM!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------- BUY A CUSTOM LUNCHSTICK FIGHT STICK (essential post apocolyptic survival equipment):

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