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Cooking with Bruce and Mark
15 minAPR 5
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A Behind-The-Scenes Peek At Our YouTube Shoots


A while back, we started making videos for our YouTube channel. Mind you, we're super late to this game. We've had the channel for years--and done nothing with it. So we started out with an iPhone and an idea. Then we got serious.
Join us, Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, as we give you a little peek at what it takes to make our YouTube videos.
Here are the segments of this podcast episode:
[00:47] The first thing: We had to build a studio and buy a decent camera.
[02:43] Then we had to decide what we were going to shoot
[05:57]Here's how we prep and swap for the shoots. What is a "swap" anyway?
[08:17]Here's a bit about scripting the shoots--which means we shoot things out of order.
[13:26]And this is the only part that really matters: editing, which falls 100% on Bruce.