Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn
57min2022 JUL 20
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Bad With Money listener and tax expert Stephanie Lee both wrote in ANDcalled in to gently nudge Gaby into covering more "boring" but very important topics they have messed up by not covering on the show. In response, Gaby invited Stephanie to come on as a guest and do it herself. This week on Bad With Money, Stephanie and Gaby explain in detail how to save your money in the most tax advantaged way, so that you FINALLY understand it and feel like you know just as much as an accountant. (Did you know you could do your own taxes pretty easily but the government is lobbied to keep it complicated? Find out why!) Gaby Dunn Instagram: @GabyRoad BWM Instagram: @bwmpod BWM Facebook group: The BWM Discord channel: Find Gaby on Patreon: Shop for merch! Bad with Money is produced, edited, sound engineered and mixed by Cumulus Podcast Network, The theme song was performed by Sam Barbara and written by Myq Kaplan, Zach Sherwin, and Jack Dolgen. Additional music by Joey Salvia. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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