Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn
1h 5min2022 JUL 15
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In a COMPREHENSIVE Breakdown and Takedown, Gaby and Celebrity Book Club podcast host Chelsea Devantez read Sophia Amoruso's 2014 memoir #GirlBoss so you don't have to. Gaby lost their GODDAMN mind at some of the anecdotes and cluelessness of the Nasty Gal founder in this Millennial feministmanifesto/business advice book.Part 1 of the recap is on Chelsea's show Celebrity Book Club, but you don't need to listen to it to understand this episode. However,the two episodes together encompass the whole book and provide alllll the tea so it'd be great to check out both! Link to Chelsea's episode here: For a full transcript of this episode, visit: Bad With Money is now doing an occasional series called "Breakdowns and Takedowns" where Gaby and a guest read, watch, or listen to money media and recap or review it for the audience. If you have a suggestion for an episode, write in toGabyIsBadWithMoney@gmail.comor call 844-474-4040. tw: suicide men...

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