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120 min2020 DEC 24
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A Very Gus and Rig Shitmas: The Yule Lads


Let's be real - it's been a shit of a year. From Brexit to Covid and everything in between, people will never forget 2020. UNTIL WE MAKE YOU FORGET WITH TWO HOURS OF ABSOLUTE FIRE. That's right. The Yule Lads have come to bless your ears and sniff your doorways in a bumper Christmas episode. It's a pillowcase under the tree that contains Kris Kringle horror shows, Gus's ongoing stoush with WA Police, a giant cat with the freshest kicks around and so much more. We also have a look at the year that was and why we're so god damn happy to see the end of it. Make sure to give it a listen when you've had enough of your annoying family, or you're on a road trip within your own state/country due to lockdown. G&R --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/shitshowpod/message