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76 min2020 NOV 2
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The Gus and Rig US Presidential Debate 2020


Welcome to the Gus and Rig Presidential Debate. 2020 has been a year for the books for the USA: Coronavirus has ravaged the country, civil unrest continues, and wildfires are burning through California. But we don’t care about ANY of that. In a special (non) televised debate, Gus and Rig go head to head to see whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump will take the precious swing states in this year’s election. They’ll do this not by focusing on the issues or party platforms, but based on the best and worst those states have to offer in terms of trainwrecks. People will be offended when their state is represented by winners that hosted a ‘meth death party’, denied global warming, reckoned that abortions cause breast cancer and shot themselves in the foot just to see what it felt like. We also pay tribute to those candidates who never made it to the big stage, mainly due to being no-hopers or just batshit insane. It’s a deluxe spread so sit back and enjoy the yelling. Once you’re done and you’ve processed all the info, get out and vote if you’re in the US or get on the punt if you’re anywhere else. eagle scream noise --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/shitshowpod/message