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10min2022 JUN 23
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Granola doesn’t have to be expensive and only store-bought. Listen up to hear tips and my favorite recipe! Links (Amazon links are affiliate links, meaning that The Boat Galley Podcast earns from qualifying purchases; some other links may be affiliate links): Penzeys spices Lock N Lock Airtight Container (Amazon) Roasting Pan (Amazon) Nica email Carolyn email Subscribe to the Boat Galley Newsletter! Today’s episode of The Boat Galley Podcast is sponsored by Lunatec, makers of the hydration spray bottle, odor-free dishcloth and self-cleaning washcloth. Lunatec offers practical gear designed to save water and reduce waste. A water bottle that doubles as a hose? A dish cloth that doesn’t get stinky? Yes, please! VisitLunatecgear.comto learn more; use code boatgalley to save 10% on everything. Lunatec: innovative gear for your outdoor adventures. Click to see all podcast sponsors, past and present. Music:“Slow Down” byYvette Craig

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