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10min2022 JUN 30
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Questions to ask and things to think about if you’re hiring a sandblaster to work on your boat. Hint: it’s not a hands-off process! Links: Coppercoat Review Bottom Paint Thoughts Nica email Carolyn email Subscribe to the Boat Galley Newsletter! Today’s episode of The Boat Galley Podcast is sponsored by, maker of the Mantus anchor, now available in models with and without a roll bar. Proven to set reliably in the most challenging bottoms, the Mantus anchor digs like no other, making anchoring safer and boating more enjoyable. Mantus Marine brings to market practical, durable and affordable marine products, including: anchoring gear, scuba diving accessories, and rechargeable waterproof headlamp for hands-free lighting. Visit and see for yourself! Click to see all podcast sponsors, past and present. Music:“Slow Down” byYvette Craig

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