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28min2022 JUL 18
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What is the science behind the first pictures from the James Webb Space Telescope? Why did the Geological Society of Kentucky recently name the Lower Howard's Creek Nature & Heritage Preserve as a distinguished geologic site? What's in the redacted letters between the last Queen of France (Marie Antoinette) and her purported lover? Finally, hear about the I Am A Scientist program that is working to enhance diversity and inclusivity in the sciences. Here is a link to those Webb Telescope images: Here is the original I Am A Scientist video: Here is the I Am A Scientist website: ‘Bench Talk: The Week in Science’ is a weekly program that airs on WFMP Louisville FORward Radio 106.5 FM ( every Monday at 7:30 pm, Tuesday at 11:30 am, and Wednesday at 7:30 am. Visit our Facebook page for links to the articles discussed in this episode:

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