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13min2022 JUN 14
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If you know the history behind the Jehovah's Witness religion, you are well aware of how it feels being at odds with the beliefs once you realize it is not the truth. Many JW's are in a quandary where they have to fake it just to survive. That is what being a PIMO is all about. It is an acronym for Physically In, Mentally Out. To further explain, it's all about pretending to believe so that you don't lose your family and social structure. The term PIMO was coined several years ago to identify the growing number of individuals that are trapped in the religion for one reason or another. Because of the strict shunning policy, Jehovah's Witnesses realize they can lose everything if they allow others to know how they truly feel about the organization. They stand to lose their marriage, job, friends, home, and anything else that connects them to a person that holds the cards to any situation as it relates to their livelihood. This podcast delves into the lives of members at the world head...

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