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31min2022 JUL 6
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Recently, we received an email from an anesthesiologist discussing his experience with Jehovah's Witnesses secretly taking blood. In this podcast, we discuss the situation with Jehovah's Witnesses and how our guest, Shauna, was faced with this dilemma. Find out how she and her family handled their situation in this podcast. ********************* Begin Email message from anesthesiologist: Hello. I found you guys on the Internet. I’m a[n] anesthesiologist. I have a question for you. What percentage of those witnesses would take a blood transfusion if it could be absolutely guaranteed where no one will ever find out? I have had several patients that in the operating room, I asked them before going to sleep if they would receive blood. They have said ‘no blood’ in the presence of family in the preoperative area. However when alone in the operating room with no family members around, they have said that they will, in fact, accept blood in the operating room as long as nobody finds out...

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