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54 s2017 JUL 19
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common mistakes


hello and welcome to the show if you are listening to this audio right now probably you are listening somewhere in the word. Tonight on the show we are going to talk about some common mistakes that all non natives speakers make when they talk in English and my favorite one is : I LIKE YOUR ASS(2) yes you heard me right well do you really think that they like my ass no actually they want to say i like you eyes and they pronounce eyes as ass so i want to tell all of you that it should be eyes not ass there's a difference between eyes and ass and the 2nd one :SANK YOU ;well i am not a ship that you can sink me down actually they want to say thank you. You need to pronounce TH as in THETA(θ) thank you .I hope you liked it thank you and have a nice day . bye bye