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1 min2017 FEB 26
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fail again ,fail better


when i was a child i wanted to be a doctor an engineer an artist or an astronaut i wanted to be everythin that a child could dream of.\\ i wanted to be the best for that i needed to work hard to achieve my goAl in life we should always be ready accept failures .i think failures teach us something i believe its patience we need to have patience in life if we want to acheive something .in life you can never be the best technically someone will always have the higher jump or a more beautiful line .the only thing you can be best at is being you . you cannot succeed without this risk of failure .you cannot love without the risk of loss fail in the way and the place where you would want to fail.fail pick yourself up and fail again...... without ALL this struggle what is your success anyway do what makes you great and happy. i guarantee you,you will look back on a life well lived