Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.
40min2019 MAY 31
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I have a truth and it's time that I shared it with you. I'm not proud of the abortions that I have had, but with all the recent news I feel like it is important to shed light on this issue and give a face to abortion. Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, Doug and I totally respect your opinions and positions. It's time for us to get real about these issues and talk peaceably with one another even if we don't agree One thing is for sure, if abortions become banned, people need to start getting serious about adopting babies and children, because there will be so many unwanted children in this world. Talkspace (this episode’s amazing sponsor!) For $45 off your first month go to and use promo code JAMIE during checkout! Married at First Sight Hot Marriage. Cool Parents. on YouTube Jamie Otis Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis hotmarriagecoolparents on Instagram Jamie Otis on Instagram Doug Hehner on Instagram 
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