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48min2016 AUG 12
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Dr. Mike Nelson and Lee discuss how his personal plant-based journey began and how significantly his health and that of his family improved as a result.  Dr. Nelson reveals how and why he began incorporating the message of plant-based nutrition into his dental practice and how his patients reacted.  He also shares how and why he formed his PlantPure Pod, what its activities are, and his hopes and expectations for its future growth, as well as for the future acceptance of plant-based nutrition in America as a whole.



Mike Nelson is a dentist with 35 years of experience. During that time, he’s broadened his health message to embrace a wide range of subjects, including plant-based nutrition.  This message has helped transform his own health, as well as that of his patients and family.  He has received notable awards for his activities and is currently a PlantPure Pod leader in Redding, California.