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Cooking with Bruce and Mark
25 minFEB 15
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How To Buy A Great Slow Cooker


We've been around long enough in the food business to see slow cookers be in vogue, go out of vogue, and come back in. Even Instant Pots have a slow-cooker setting. (And the Instant Pot brands make a dedicated slow cooker, too.)
But let's face it: sometimes slow cookers make dull meals. Yes, it has to do with the recipe. But it also has to do with the machine itself. Join Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough as we discuss how to buy the best slow cooker: what to look for, what to consider. We love our slow cookers. But we've upped the game with better appliances.
Here are the segments to this episode:
[02:23] Look for durability.
[06:35] Consider the best size for your needs.
[13:17] Look for multiple settings
[14:54] Know the facts about how hot a slow cooker can get.
[18:28] A little about safety.
[20:20] The most important feature: the lid.
[21:31] Three bonus tips for getting the best slow cooker