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Cooking with Bruce and Mark
17 minMAR 8
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How To Choose The Right Instant Pot Model For You, Part One


Let's get this out of the way: Instant Pot is a brand, not an appliance. There are other manufacturers of electric pressure cookers and electric multi-cookers. In this show, we're only talking about the brand Instant Pot.
We've published three Instant Pot cookbooks--and have just turned in our fourth on restaurant copycats for the Instant Pot. We've been working with these machines almost since their inception, including them among the pressure cookers in 2014 when we were writing THE GREAT BIG PRESSURE COOKER BOOK.
Hi, we're Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, authors of over thirty-five (and counting) cookbooks. Because of our cookbook history with the Instant Pot, from THE INSTANT BIBLE to its follow-up INSTANT POT BIBLE: THE NEXT GENERATION and FROM FREEZER TO INSTANT POT: THE COOKBOOK, we've got lots of tips for getting the right model for you.
This is the first in a two-part (two-pot?) series on choosing the right Instant Pot for you. Here are the segments of this podcast episode:
[04:07] Are you a beginner? You need a Duo.
[05:00] What size do you need, a 3-quart pot, a 6-quart, or an 8-quart?
[06:45] Do you want to get cheffy and try out the "sous vide" method of cooking?
[09:58] If releasing steam scares you, you need these models.
[14:28] These models have indicator lights to measure the remaining time in the cooking process under pressure.