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Cooking with Bruce and Mark
15 minFEB 8
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How To Freshen Up Take-Out: Part 3


In this third and last part of our series on how to make take-out better, we're talking about you can do at home to make whatever you've ordered better.
Join Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough as we take you through our final ideas about to freshen up take-out. Skip the microwave. There are better ways to work!
[00:53] How to make take-ouyt pizza better at home.
[04:59] How to make grilled sandwiches better at home
[06:30]How to make most Asian take-out taste better once it's at your home.
[07:43] How to freshen up things with a steamer basket.
[09:32]How to freshen up take-out with an air-fryer
[11:12]A few tips on how to take the it's-so-depressing factor out of take-out