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Cooking with Bruce and Mark
12 minMAR 1
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How To Up Your Cocktail Game, Part 2


This episode of the podcast COOKING WITH BRUCE AND MARK is the second in a two-part series about making better cocktails.
Hi, we're Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough. And we've come out of dry January to look back at the liquor cabinet and start making cocktails again. In the previous episode of this series, we talked about using better ingredients. In this episode, we're onto better techniques.
No, you don't have to get fussy. And you don't have to get as crazy as some Brooklyn mixologist. But you can up your game with three simple improvements in your cocktail technique.
Here are the segments of this episode:
[00:25] Don't eyeball it. Go for better consistency.
[03:19] If you're making an icy cocktail or even a chilled drink of any sort, chill your glass.
[06:11]Shaken vs. stirred. Ah, the old riddle. James Bond was wrong. We'll tell you why.