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1h 47min2020 SEP 14
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Modern medicine has become very compartmentalised over the last century with all its specialties that do not interconnect physiological processes but with the advent of quantum physics and its application to health promotion of the interconnected of all things, new possibilities arise in the treatment and redirection of a person’s well being. It takes into account the wellness not just the treatment of problems but rather the redirection of processes in a synergistic coherence. Some doctors, though, have created new directions from the intense compartmentalisation of their educations, and still see things as interconnected parts of a complex system. Optometrist Dr. Michael Christian, OD, PhD, I-MD (www.microprismoptics.com.au) has discovered many ways that vision affects the health of the whole person, and has applied that understanding to the study of eyes, and is using his optometry practice to benefit his patients' overall health and well-being, far beyond the usual understandin...

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