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1h 22min2022 JUL 18
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Veteran journalist Janet Phelan, author of the expose At The Breaking Point of History, How Decades of U.S. Duplicity Enabled The Pandemic, (https://amzn.to/3P8DO43) and contributing writer for Activist Post is aware of the "snake venom theory" recently publicized by Dr. Bryan Ardis, and did a great interview with him that I was fortunate to see this week on Dr. Ardis' channel. As the video explains, Dr. Ardis found that synthetic snake venom peptides had been used in modern drug "medicines" for years and that snake bite could cause all the symptoms of "COVID." His research also confirmed what Dr. Kaufmann, Dr. Cowan and others had realized, that there was no proof the SARsCoV-2 "virus" exists or causes any disease. He found that PCR is a lab procedure, not a test for disease, and cannot diagnose anything. In other words, the "pandemic," with "cases" defined by PCR bogus test results, was and is a malicious fabrication, an attack on humanity. Many signs point to synthetic snake venom peptides causing the symptoms of "COVID," but how was the venom distributed to people for their consumption to make them sick or die, in order to promote deadly vaccines? Dr. Ardis postulated the water system may be the vector chosen,but was immediately attacked even by many who knew the virus was unproven to exist, because they said the public water system would dilute the poison too much and could not target anyone specifically. They did not know that Janet Phelan's work had already proven them wrong. Janet's bombshell discovery of just how well the public water systems would work to covertly and precisely deliver any drug or chemical to a specific targeted home, office or neighborhood, gives huge additional credibility to the Dr. Ardis snake venom theory.

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