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1h 1min2020 DEC 14
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Alex Newman (www.libertysentinel.org), Foreign Correspondent for the New American Magazine, educator at Freedom Project Academy, author of several books including his new release, The Deep State (www.libertysentinel.org/books), will be returning to Lost Arts Radio this Sunday for a free-ranging discussion of the attempted Communist takeover of the U.S., that is part of a world-wide assault against humanity. The criminal corporate media has been working with our "educational" system and other elements of corrupt society, training young people and susceptible adults to support a change of our system of government to one promising to take care of us all, keep us safe, and give us everything we need for free. Whether it is called Communism, Fascism, or some other variant of total surveillance and control, it's just tyranny, with a long history of destroying countries and enslaving people into a state of destitution and despair. Now is the first time in our known world history that this ...

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