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42min2022 JUL 14
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In this episode of the Watching World Podcast, Les interviews Gina Pastore, inspirational speaker, author, and radio host of The Real Life with Gina Pastore and David James. Gina is also the widow of Frank Pastore, former MLB player, and radio host. After thirty-five incredible years of marriage, Frank’s sudden death shattered Gina’s identity and future. In this episode, she talks about their early marriage and how she found new beauty after suffering from a devastating loss. If you’re struggling with grief, Gina wants you to know that acute grief will not last forever. While it never goes away completely, it does become easier to cope with after a time. In the meantime, be open to what God has for you, receive love from family and friends, and don’t be afraid to seek out counseling if you need it. You can read more of Gina’s story in her book Picking Up the Pieces of My Shattered Life. Keep an eye out for her latest book as well, Braided: Woven Together by Tragedy, which releases in October. Know that Abundant Life is here for you as well. Check out the website for grieving resources and next steps for your faith. Gina Pastore Abundant Life

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