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32min2022 JUN 23
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n this episode of the Watching World Podcast, guest host Rod Handley, the creator of Character That Counts, gives us insight on Biblical Manhood in the Face of a Crazy World. What should the biblical man be doing when the world has turned upside down and the line between right and wrong has been erased? Rod encourages us to look at the 4 responsibilities God gave Adam: Courageously follow the Word of God. That is, engaging, meditating, and studying it. God’s Word gives us our marching orders. Love and protect women. Not just our mothers, wives, and daughters. All women should be viewed as special and worthy of protection. Excel at the work God has entrusted to us. Better God's world through the legacy we pass on. This refers to our spiritual children as well as our biological children. As Biblical men, we need to respond appropriately when our beliefs are twisted or challenged. We can act as self-made men (responding based on our own beliefs); image-conscious men (responding based on the world’s beliefs); or transformed men (responding based on what the Bible says). We should let the Word of God proclaim who we are and how we respond. Unfortunately, Satan often derails us from our path to the fully transformed man with these six common problems: Father wounds Lack of a clear manhood vision Unprocessed trauma Addictive habits Lack of community or close friends Becoming spiritually stuck Do you struggle with one or all of these problems? Community and accountability helps us become the godly men we are supposed to be. It allows us to grow together through confession. There’s a radical difference between men who choose to be connected and those who are not. We can choose between the “good life” or the “glorified life.” When you live the “good life”, everything appears okay, but something is still missing. When you live the “glorified life”, you've surrendered your life to Christ. The “glorified life” gives us freedom from fear and anxiety. It allows us to become the men that God called us to be. Rod Handley teaches men about Biblical manhood at his Youtube channel, He also leads the class, “Base Camp,” at Abundant Life Lee’s Summit, from 6:00-8:00pm. You can also attend Rod's independent groups every Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Visit his website, Character That Counts, for more details. Abundant Life Church Website: Rod Handley

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