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19min2022 JUN 11
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After a traumatic event in childhood, Michael spent several years doing inner work. However, none of the teachings he came across fully resonated and some five years ago, he started having insomnia as well as somniphobia. In this episode, Michale shares how things changed once he learned about Natto and being less attached to the outcome. Would you like a roadmap from Insomnia to immunity? Download using below link. — Would you like to work with a sleep coach? Awesome! Here are some great options: The Insomnia Immunity Group Coaching Program. BedTyme, a sleep coaching app for iOS and Android offering 1:1 text based coaching. Zoom based 1:1 coaching with Coach Michelle or Coach Daniel. The Insomnia Immunity program is perfect if you like learning through video and want to join a group on your journey towards sleeping well. BedTyme is ideal if you like to learn via text and have a sleep coach in your pocket. The 1:1 Zoom based prog...

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