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6min2022 JUN 12
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In this roundup, we see how thinking of a paradigm shift where we treat insomnia as a phobia would be incredibly helpful and review this week on the channel so you can decide if you may have missed something helpful. Would you like a roadmap from Insomnia to immunity? Download using below link. — Would you like to work with a sleep coach? Awesome! Here are some great options: The Insomnia Immunity Group Coaching Program. BedTyme, a sleep coaching app for iOS and Android offering 1:1 text based coaching. Zoom based 1:1 coaching with Coach Michelle or Coach Daniel. The Insomnia Immunity program is perfect if you like learning through video and want to join a group on your journey towards sleeping well. BedTyme is ideal if you like to learn via text and have a sleep coach in your pocket. The 1:1 Zoom based program is for you if you like to connect one on one with someone who has been where you are now. For more about these programs ...

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