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33min2022 APR 25
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While there may be many drunk accountants out there, these two are the only ones to wear the title so loud and proud they made it their (second) name. Dan Osborne and Tim Garth are directors at CATS Accountants on NSW’s Central Coast, a role Garth was born to play— just ask his dad (or ask what his initials spell if you read them backwards). He and CATS Accountants co-director Osborne host the podcast Two Drunk Accountants when they’re not accounting (sober, just to clarify), but this time it’s their turn in the limelight.In this episode the self-proclaimed podcountants attempt to play good cop bad cop for a moment, but their inherent good cop nature shines through soon enough. The Director of Fun and Lifestyle Accountant share how they grew up together but also not at all, and how they ended up going from the pub to the podcast studio via purchasing an accountancy firm together. With their focus on small business and sticking to their roots, it’s safe to say CATS Accounting will continue to be a well-known name on the Coast for decades to come. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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