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1 min2016 JUN 15
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verbal phrase :-GET


Hello welcome to my podcast .Good morning ,good afternoon,good evening .podcast number 3 on verbal phrases and today's word is GET 1.Get about(rumored) :It is getting about that he is to be dismissed soon 2.Get at(reach) :the thirsty crow could not get at the water in the jug 3.get off (descend from ) :he got off the train at London 4.get off (escape punishment) :he has got off very lightly this time 5.get on (progress) :how are you getting on with your studies ? 6.get over (overcome) :he can get over the difficulties easily 7.get round (persuade or influence somebody ) :at last I got him round to my point of view 8.get through (pass) :he has got through his examination 9.get up ( rise from bed) :when do you get up ? That's all for today .thank you for listening to my podcast I hope you all have a nice day and don't forget to like and share this podcast if you like it Goodbye