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learn english
1 min2016 JUN 16
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verbal phrase :- keep


hello everyone welcome back to my podcast i hope you all are having a nice day .Its really a hot day in my city and i forgot to tell you that I live in Zhengzhou,China .I would like to know about the weather in your city and your city well moving onto our topic on verbal phrases today's word is KEEP 1.keep away(remain absent):you kept away from home for two days 2.keep back(conceal):don't keep back anything from me 3keep from(to abstain from):Its better to keep from smoking than to do it and suffer 4.keep off(prevent):the hood of the car keeps off the sun and the rain 5.keep on(continue to do or work):keep on until you are tired 6.keep up(cause to remain high):keep up your spirits 7.keep up(maintain):try to keep up the reputation of our family thank you for listening to my podcast.I hope you all have a nice day and weekend.If you like this podcast please like ans share it .Goodbye