The Watching World
26min2022 APR 21
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In part six of our series, Knowing What You Believe and Why You Believe It, Les Norman and Ed Croteau will help you understand American culture, modernism, and how it fails to lead you to the ultimate truth. Ed is the leader of the Faith, Substance, and Evidence University at Abundant Life Church, Lee’s Summit. You can also check out the FSE University Facebook page to catch his articles about how cultural events relate to Biblical truths. To understand American culture, we should be familiar with the three most popular cultural views: Modernism: This approach focuses on scientific, empirical methods of reasoning to form truths. It quickly became a rebellion against faith and the church. Postmodernism: Most popular with Gen Z and Millennials, this view revolves around skepticism and a lack of trust. The idea that technology is the answer to man’s moral dilemma is now false. Technology no longer solves every problem. (We’ll discuss the worldview next week.) Christianity: Reality is defined by God. Why is it important to understand these worldviews? We need to understand where people are coming from so we can deconstruct their claims and help them toward the gospel. Modernism believes that man can do it all. We don’t need God anymore. This approach has infiltrated our education system, media, and entertainment industry. For example, think back to the movie, God’s Not Dead. Specifically, when the professor tried to tell the kid what was true. This is an example of modernism in the education system. From its conception in 1933 (The Humanist Manifesto), modernism promotes viewpoints that are directly contrary to the Biblical truths we believe. Abundant Life Church Website: FSE Website: FSE YouTube Channel: FSE Facebook Page

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