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Jedi Mind Tricks

Jedi Mind Tricks

for Personal and Professional Growth, a course by Tim Ferriss.

 48 min 48 min
6 Episodes6 Episodes
6 Resources6 Resources

For everybody who needs to advance their career and performance, or even starts a company or a new venture, there are several mind tricks you can use that maximize your strengths, clear your mind for focus, and get the work done efficiently. In this course, the best-selling author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss explains what the mind tricks are. 

You will learn

How to build a strong brand with the flexibility to rebrand

How to overcome fear and stress and make good decisions 

How to create a global phenomenon on a low budget

How to beat procrastination by breaking down a task

Ask great questions to mine mental gold from other people’s brains

Course Outline

EP 1: Position Your Brand for Strength and Flexibility

How do you choose your brand and maintain flexibility to rebrand, or pivot, later?

EP 2: Set Anti-Goals to Mitigate Risk

Fear setting exercise and fear rehearsal to inoculate oneself

EP 3: Bootstrap Your Startup

How to create a global phenomenon on a low budget?

EP 4: Beat Procrastination

How to overcome procrastination with easy steps that truly works?

EP 5: Become the Smartest Person in the Room

How to develop superpowers by investigating what others won’t?

EP 6: Mine for Mental Gold

How to start conversations with the people you admire?

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  • Tim Ferriss
    Best-Selling Author and Entrepreneur
  • 6 Episodes · 6 Resources
    6 Episodes
    • Position Your Brand for Strength and Flexibility7 min
    • Set Anti-Goals to Mitigate Risk6 min
    • Bootstrap Your Start-up6 min
    • Beat Procrastination11 min
    • Become the Smartest Person in the Room10 min
    • Mine for Mental Gold9 min
    6 Resources
    • Strength and Flexibility Worksheet
    • Bootstrap Your Start-up Worksheet
    • Anti-goals to Mitigate Risk Worksheet
    • Mine for Mental Gold Worksheet
    • Beat Procrastination Worksheet
    • Become the Smartest Person in the Room Worksheet
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